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Dryer Baskets Stocked In All Sizes In Carbon Steel and Stainless. With Plain and Drop Bottom Designs. Available in Flush and Bail Handles. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations.  We can make special Dryer Dipping Baskets per your application.  Just CONTACT US and we can configure a basket to fit your need.


Item #Size (O.D.)MaterialBottomHandleWeight
88 ST8" x 8"Carbon SteelPerf. PlainFlush4-lbs.
88 SS8" x 8"Stainless Steel 304Perf. PlainFlush4-lbs.
88 PP8" x 8"PolyproPerf. PlainFlush2-lbs.
1010 ST10" X 10"Carbon SteelPerf. PlainBail9-lbs.
1010 SS10" X 10"Stainless Steel 304Perf. PlainBail9-lbs.
1010 PP10" X 10"PolyproPerf. PlainBail2.5-lbs.
1212 ST11.75" x 12"Carbon SteelPerf. PlainBail14-lbs
1212 SS11.75" x 12"Stainless Steel 304Perf. PlainBail14-lbs.
1212 PP11.75" x 12"PolyproPerf. PlainBail3-lbs.
1818 ST18" x 18"Carbon SteelPerf. PlainBail46-lbs.
1818 SS18" x 18"Stainless Steel 304Perf. PlainBail46-lbs.
1818 STDB18" x 18"Carbon SteelHalf DropBail52-lbs.
1818 SSDB18" x 18"Stainless Steel 304Half DropBail52-lbs.
2318 ST22.75" x 18"Carbon SteelPerf. PlainFlush78-lbs.
2318 SS22.75" x 18"Stainless Steel 304Perf. PlainFlush78-lbs.
2318 STDB22.75" x 18"Carbon SteelHalf DropFlush90-lbs.
2318 SSDB22.75" x 18"Stainless Steel 304Half DropFlush90-lbs.
2420 ST24.38" x 20"Carbon SteelPerf. PlainFlush100-lbs.
2420 SS24.38" x 20"Stainless Steel 304Perf. PlainFlush100-lbs.
2420 STDB24.38" x 20"Carbon SteelHalf DropFlush115-lbs.
2420 SSDB24.38" x 20"Stainless Steel 304Half DropFlush115-lbs.
3024 ST30.56" x 24"Carbon SteelPerf. PlainFlush147-lbs.
3024 SS30.56" x 24"Stainless Steel 304Perf. PlainFlush147-lbs.
3024 STDB30.56" x 24"Carbon SteelHalf DropFlush167-lbs.
3024 SSDB30.56" x 24"Stainless Steel 304Half DropFlush167-lbs.