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Welcome to the home page of Desco Centrifugal Dryers. We specialize in heavy duty Centrifugal Dryers and Oil Slingers used in the Plating Industry. We can make a Centrifugal Dryer to suit your specific application. We also stock a large volume of Desco Centrifugal Dryer Baskets in Steel, Stainless Steel and Polypro with both drop and plain bottom basket configurations. Desco Centrifugal Dryers also represents a product line of Bearings, Roller Chain & Sprockets, Forgings and Castings, as well TSE Engineered CNC Machined Plastic and Marbett Conveyor Components, as well as, Rexnord Table Top chain and Rexnord Mat Top chain for the Conveyor and Packaging Industry. We also handle TSE CNC Machined Plastic line and TSE rubber grippers used primarily in the bottling industry and offer Rexnord Side Grip Table Top chain as well, for use with TSE Rubber Grippers. For a summary of all the products we carry please see the Desco Centrifugal Dryers Line Card

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